Our goal is your comfort from -20 o to +20o C

твой комфорт

No one really wants to shiver from the cold, having put on everything that is in the wardrobe. And that is all from ignorance. As we buy expensive and beautiful things and do not look at their composition at all. But there you can only be warmed by your speculation that you have spent a lot, so it must be warm.

Acryl, polyester are still familiar words. And here we see cotton and that’s all, it means good. Alas and alack! Cotton may be in different density and weaving and…. All you need to know is that the word quality is not an empty phrase.

The jumpsuit is made of cotton with a density of 340 g / m3 – 70% and polyester – 30%. This means (in simple terms, I don’t want to burden you with the technology):

Cotton adapts to your body and to its temperature. It retains body heat, helping you not to waste energy on it. When you move, you generate heat, a jumpsuit is with fleece inside, heat production is accelerated and saved. And with fleece over thermal underwear, it works like a super warming tandem…

Cotton also takes away heat when you get hot. It “feels” when you get hot and begins to “breathe”, taking excess away. Cotton shirts don’t let you overheat in summer, do they?

Why polyester? Because too much of a good thing is never a good thing. Cotton is a super fabric but not resilient at all. And polyester gives it the same mobility. The fabric is resilient in both sides, the knees will not become stretched, in such areas the thing will retain its shape for a long time!

As a result, the jumpsuit makes it possible to feel light, does not hinder movement due to a relaxed fit, the softest cotton and polyester for elasticity and shape retention.

уют в комбинезонах

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