Why a jumpsuit

почему кобинезон

When you have a problem, you need to solve it. When the life tempo accelerates every day, your clothes MUST match the pace.

Why a jumpsuit?

A familiar situation: until you get ready, you will be late everywhere. Do you need to go for a walk with you dog in the morning and in the evening? Sure, you do. Do you need to pop down for groceries? Sure, you do.

Do you want a barbecue at the weekend? Sure, you do. Is it very convenient to go home or to a café in your office clothes from the gym in the evening? Sure, it’s not.

There is a plenty of examples.

How does a jumpsuit solve these problems?

It helps you deal not only with these issues, but also with a few more as a bonus.

отдых в комбинезонах


Walking the dog, going to the store or going outside 10 times at a weekend at your country house… And you have a warm jumpsuit, which you can put on in 3 seconds. Not pants, and a jumper, and a sweater, and a jacket, which are for sure lying in different parts of your wardrobe or even in different parts of your house.

Oh yes, and you always have the hood, which is also very important. You don’t always remember to grab your cap at the last moment.

Bare butt

It’s rude, but it’s true. How often do you shine your behind when something falls?

And how warm you will feel when the wind does not blow in!


It’s not a sack-like-jumpsuit. This is a very stylish piece of your clothes thought out to the smallest details. I will be even bolder, this will be a center-piece of your clothes.


Any time! you have a ready image at your hand. Friends are calling and you are not ready? This won’t happen. Now you always know what to wear to a café in the evening, to a gym or for a walk. You just need to relax and remember to take a good mood with you.

Free hands

Just imagine, 4 pockets:

  • for any size phone;
  • for money;
  • for keys;
  • for socks, hankies or lipstick…

It’s really getting to when you always carry them all in your hands or constantly stuff your bag to the state of a ball.

Conclusion: You feel warm, you are stylish, you always know what to wear and you are happy!

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